Renovation of a Protected House, Dún laoghaire

Refurbishment of a Protected Structure: 290m²

This house is a terraced mid-nineteenth century Protected Structure which faces a formal square in Dún Laoghaire. The three storey building was reinstated as a single dwelling as it had been previously subdivided into bedsits. The refurbishment and upgrading works were phased in two parts to allow the clients to continue living on site.

Phase 1 involved constructing a new insulated concrete floor at garden level, forming  a new opening between front and rear rooms, and inserting a new sliding door to allow connection to rear garden. The suite of rooms became a new home office.

In Phase 2 the front and rear living spaces at entry level were reconnected to create a more open plan space. A modern kitchen was inserted to the return with a new bathroom to the floor above.
Throughout the historic fabric was repaired and maintained to enhance the property and preserve for the future.