Open House, Glasthule Co. Dublin

New build house on an infill site: 150m2

Architectural Association of Ireland Awards 2015 – Award
RIAI House of the Year Award 2014 – Highly Commended

This is a medium sized house in a walled garden. Beyond the walls are mature trees. The owners wished to have a bright warm house that would open into a garden expanding the sense of space and making the garden and patio feel like extensions to the house. They also wanted their children to be able to play inside or outside according to the weather.

The house is constructed with a timber structural frame, timber-framed glass screens, and timber cladding.

The design approach was to provide open flexible space at ground level with bedrooms and bathrooms above. The ground floor has sliding timber-framed glass screens separating the inside and outside which open easily to connect the two. There are also sliding glazed screens internally so that the whole ground floor can open into one big room.

Services and storage are accommodated in a thick wall along one side of the house. There are four bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs.

The construction provides high levels of insulation to compensate for the large glazed areas. There is under-floor heating in the stone ground-floor that keeps the house at a steady temperature all year round.