Irish Design International Showcase Exhibition

Milan, Eindhoven, New York, Dublin

We were commissioned by Irish Year of Design 2015 to design flagship exhibitions for design weeks in Milan, New York and Eindhoven as well as a showcase in Dublin Castle.

The exhibition design takes its cue from the curatorial intention to create a liminal experience so we designed a space made entirely from translucent fabric illuminated by daylight which is reflected off the existing walls making it ambiguous and indeterminate.

Working with the exceptionally talented team at John McLaughlin Architects brought vision and experience to bear on the resulting exhibition and was an essential component for Irish Design 2015's first and most critical step onto the international design stage.

Louise Allen, Co-curator, Liminal Irish design at the threshold
Head of International Programmes, Irish Design 2015

In addition to the fabric space of the pavilion we designed all cabinets, plinths and lighting.

We also collaborated with New Graphic on the visual communications design.

The exhibition had a strong modern flavour. The pavilion was designed to reinforce this while giving a neutral background to the exhibits themselves.

The design evolved and reconfigured to adapt to various spaces and to host events in Milan, New York, Eindhoven and finally in Dublin.