Venice Biennale 2016

Reporting from Marghera and Other Waterfronts

As part of the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale Reporting From The Front, La Biennale commissioned a special exhibition looking at the transformation of post-industrial urban waterfronts. This is in the context of the future regeneration of Venice’s industrial port on the mainland shore of the lagoon, which is around three times the size of the historic city of Venice.

Curated by Stefano Recalcati, from the Polytecnico di Milano and Arup’s masterplanning group in Milan, the exhibition titled – Reporting from Marghera and Other Waterfronts – presents a series of case-studies in urban transformation. The featured cities include “renowned waterfronts” – Baltimore; Barcelona; Boston; Genoa; London; Marseilles; and Sydney, as well as “emerging waterfront cities” – Hamburg; Oslo; Santander; and Dublin where the John’s work on the docklands transformation is featured.

In the context of this exhibition, John McLaughlin was invited to speak at an international conference on waterfront regeneration at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016. Titled Learning from Marghera and Other Waterfronts, the conference featured leading European case studies.

John was speaking alongside; Ricky Burdett – Head of Cities at the LSE; Domenico Arcuri – CEO of Invitalia; Jurgen Bruns-Berentelg – CEO of Hamburg Halfencity; Maria Buhigas – Former Head of Planning in Barcelona; Francois Jalinot – CEO of Marseilles Euromédeterrainée; and Jerome Frost – head of consulting at Arup.