A Civic Portal for Dublin City University 2012

Our approach to reconfiguring the site begins with the entrance road to the campus from Collins Avenue. We propose reducing this to one lane in each direction to free up surface for other users. Additionally we propose aligning this in the continuation of the cul-de-sac road opposite to the entrance. This geometry yields a wider space in front of the Engineering and Nursing Buildings, forming a natural focus for people arriving at the University on foot or bicycle.

 We propose a new edge to Collins Avenue by constructing a screen that forms a symbolic gateway. The screen is scaled to relate to the University Buildings as well as the houses on the opposite side of the road. It is composed of two sections 12 metres long, one each side of the entrance road, forming a civic portal to the main road. The screens are open like a colonnade and are made of glass with an expanded mesh interlayer so that they are partly see-through giving a porous welcoming sense to the University Entrance. Pedestrians and cyclists can filter through these alongside their colleagues using the road. It embodies the outward-looking civic spirit of Dublin City University.

DCU Conductive LandscapeDCU Entrance ImageDCU